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We created LaViCa to help people live better by providing access to affordable online therapy. Although the idea for LaViCa originated in Berlin, the effort to make LaViCa a reality is international with people from different countries and continents working together towards the same goal, starting with Singapore. Everyone on the team strives to provide a quality therapy experience with high professional standards at an affordable price.

Why LaViCa

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LaViCa stands for La Vida Calma, because that’s our goal: to help you journey to a calmer mind.

"Our mission is to be present with you as you journey to a calmer mind."

LaViCa Therapists

Guided by the principle that everyone deserves access to mental health, LaViCa allows Singapore-based users to connect with professional local therapists at affordable rates.

While we support regular activities that support mental health, we know this looks differently for everyone – it could mean regular exercise, meditation, time spent with loved ones, or ongoing therapy. For most clients, we recognize achieving a calmer mind means you most likely won’t be using LaViCa regularly or at all in the long term. We hope the LaViCa community will grow in strength over time and that our clients will come back whenever they need to, but our goal is never, never just to keep you on the app.

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We know how hard it can be to schedule in appointments, so we made therapy accessible and convenient. Our therapists engage you in the medium you feel most comfortable in – text, audio, or video. We respect your privacy and the need for a safe space to talk through whatever you’re going through no matter where you are.

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2 am and still at work?
In a noisy home and unable to find a place to be alone?

We understand.

Message your therapist at any time. You can also use the supporting functions of daily check-ins, reflection prompts, and gratitude journal to track and boost your mental health.

What does the app include?

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You always have the ability to do daily mood check-ins, answer our reflection prompts, and fill-in your gratitude journal.

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Message your therapist at any time and receive a response within 24 hours Monday to Friday. We know how hard it can be to form a relationship just over text, so we also include a complimentary one-time get-to-know-you session with your therapist. If your therapist isn’t a match? Don’t worry, we know how important chemistry is. Just let us know, and we’ll assign you a new therapist – no questions asked.

Price: $29/WEEK

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If you want to connect with your therapist in real-time, you have the option of scheduling a live session where they are available for you and you alone. During this time you can choose to text, have an audio call, or turn your video on for an almost in-person experience. Join the live session wherever you are and find yourself immediately in a safe, secure, non-judgmental place where you can participate on your own terms.

Price: $79/SESSION

The faces behind LaViCa

We know that confidence and comfort is always top of mind when seeking mental health treatment. LaViCa is very much a human organization, made up of a team of individuals who each want to have a positive impact on society.

Still unsure? Here’s a few things we’d like to clarify

We know that reaching out for help can feel overwhelming and difficult. So we always start by getting to know you and leaning about your goals so that we can guide you forward.

We respect your privacy and guarantee that what you share on the app is confidential (unless required by law).

Our therapists treat you like any other client they may serve in person.

Not everyone feels comfortable disclosing to the world they are seeking therapy – you’ll never receive a notification from us that will make you feel uncomfortable.



We are proud to hold our therapists to high professional standards. If you are a Singapore-based registered psychologist or counsellor or you are in the process of registration under a supervisor and are interested in working with us on a flexible schedule, we invite you to apply to become a LaViCa therapist.