Shifting Times, Shifting Perspectives, Shifting Habits. We’re here to Support.

The new year is afoot and beyond the typical lean into resolutions, this year we also see the dramatic shift of returning to the office after months of mandated working from home. It’s no secret that routine helps us thrive and it’s not unusual to find ourselves feeling a little uncertain in the swing between the festive season and getting back into the rhythm of school and work. This is especially elevated if you’ve been travelling.

With all these shifts going on, how can you best settle into a new cadence that makes you feel grounded and empowered?

Examine your relationships
The adage no man is an island is very true - how we embrace our successes and sorrows are often a reflection of the support network we cultivate. Whatever difficulties you are facing will be heightened if you are surrounded by toxicity, narcissism, negativity, drama, and big egos. Similarly, we find the strength to handle whatever life serves us when we are surrounded by compassion, positivity, empathy, forgiveness, and gratitude.

One of the biggest gifts we can give ourselves is committing to building an environment that surrounds us with the people that can boost the best parts of us. Evolving and ending relationships involves courageous first steps and resilience that take time and often guidance to develop.

Set boundaries around your goals
Goals give us something to strive towards and help us target our energy in a productive direction. Yet, realistically we can’t achieve every goal so managing our expectations is also a key part of goal setting. Understanding why you’re setting a goal, determining different possible ending points, setting realistic timelines, building micro habits, and focusing on the journey rather than the outcome all play an important role in ensuring we pursue our goals in a healthy manner.

Remember that all the previous versions of you were valuable and meaningful too
It’s easy to get caught up in change and the desire to be a better, brighter, stronger you, especially when scrolling through social media feeds of new habits, new bodies, and seemingly new lives. While we always advocate approaching life with greater calm, positivity, and strength, we also acknowledge and celebrate each version of you just as you are - whether your pants size goes up and down, whether you skipped that gym or language class, or whether you decide to remain the whole you who you have always been.

Times of change, whether desired or feared, positive or challenging, foreseen or unexpected typically bring about a range of emotions. Whether you feel them intensely or they’re a soft burden on your day, the simple act of talking through what you’re experiencing has the powerful ability to lighten the load. Let us help lift you up.